I just tried working with some bone so I can make myself a bone folding tool.

I’ll probably pick up a commercially made one soon, when I find a shop that sells them, but in the mean time I thought I’d try making my own. I found this article on cleaning bone, and I’m about half way through the process.

I bought two kind of bone from the market: lamb bones, and beef marrow bones. It turns out the lamb bones aren’t much use as they are very thin, but I might be able to make some buttons or other decorative things from them. I boiled them all in plain water for 2-3 hours (saving the broth for soup), then scraped all the remaining flesh and gristle off them. Then I let them dry. They’ve been in the shed for about 2 weeks now.

I just got through rough cutting the bone into blanks. It’s not so easy to cut because the irregular shape makes it hard to clamp.

Next step is to soak them in refined petrol to degrease them. The article I linked to above calls it “white gas”. I assume this is the same stuff sold here in Australia as Shellite, which is refined petrol.

Once I’ve let them soak for a bit, I’ll look at shaping them into tools.