Here’s two more books I made this weekend.


The wooden mini book is coptic bound with thread that used to belong to my grandfather. I never met him, he died nearly 70 years ago, but he made fishing flies as a hobby (as well as actually doing fly fishing as a hobby). When I showed my mom the books I’ve been making, she gave me some of my grandfathers old threads to use. There was a large spool of this black thread. I assume it’s linen. It isn’t as heavily waxed as the other stuff I’ve been buying, but it’s nice and thick. I also got some old silk thread from her, but it’s quite fine. No where near heavy enough for the coptic binding, but it might work for some stab binding. Is 70 years enough to call the thread “antique”?

I made two of these wooden mini books with the black thread binding. One will go to my mom as thanks for the thread. The other one got donated to cancer fund raiser for them to use as a silent auction item. I haven’t heard yet if it sold or not.

The Lego book is my sons idea. He saw me making the wooden books and came back with some Lego and asked if I could make a book out of it, so I did. I may look into making some more for sale.