Teaching Scouts

My son goes to the local Scouts group, and I volunteered to teach them how to make some books.

2015-08-20 21.09.44

We started with a simple folded book, then did a 3, and a 5 hole saddle stitch. The Scouts agreed that “3 hole saddle stitch” was a very boring name.

2015-08-20 19.55.53-2

Then finished off with a 4 hole stab binding. The Scouts liked the sound of stab binding much better because it has the word “stab” in it.

2015-08-20 20.23.02

I think the kids enjoyed themselves. I know I did.

In two weeks, I go back again to teach them how to make a long stitch book. I need to buy some more craft knives before then. And maybe some bandaids too.

I had put together a bunch of bookbinding packs, one for each kid. Each pack contains enough paper to make the 4 books, an instruction booklet (which I illustrated, printed, and bound myself). They also get a little block of bees wax, linen thread, and a needle.

I over catered with the bookbinding packs, so I’m thinking of putting the spare packs up on the Etsy site. I’ll update this post once they are available.